Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Easy Tiger!

I was at the Blatt PE Center weight room today for Box Squats and Deadlifts; a buddy of mine (Eric) happened to be doing the same thing in the rack beside me and they guy in the rack next to his was squatting. I admit that it was odd, he was using a bench as a box but he was not sitting onto it and he kept his weight on his toes. I didn't care, I had to worry about my ripped palm from deadlifting (2 freaking weeks in a freaking row!) and my front squats which I did after I could not deadlift. So I finish a set and hear what sounds like an escalating disagreement. Some kid called the no touch box squatter out on form and the squat guy didn't like that. The challenger says, "I bet I can out lift any of you based on bodyweight". I think he was talking to the 3 of us, but he's probably wrong because Eric can Deadlift +500lbs at less than 200 bodyweight. And what would it prove? I think it's a better idea to let people be in your average commercial gym. They don't want to be told they are wrong and arguing about it will not do any good.
That's one thing I loved about training at Carolina Crossfit, people instructing each other on good form and a much lower occurrence of ego. Instead of looking at the other people in the gym as hostile creatures, they were people that wanted you to succeed.
Since I cannot train there now I just mind my own business. I won't call someone out on bad technique because it is not worth the greif. I will call you out here on account of bad training, but this is my blog and you chose to read it. People in the gym do not want your advice unless they ask.

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