Monday, April 7, 2008

Similar to Mark Twight Sans the Hostility

The feud between Mark Twight of Gym Jones and Crossfit has not been pretty. It does seem to have been well documented, though. In a recent blog Twight took a veiled swipe at Crossfit and said that the generalist is mediocre even if you tell them they are elite. I disagree in that I think the generalist can realize an elite level of fitness and all around physical prowess, this should not be confused with thinking they are elite in any single sport. I would venture to guess that Twight was lashing out because he was having to cope with the realization that in order be a good bicycle racer he needs to spend a lot of time in the saddle. He recently started racing and after a season that did not go to plan he had to evaluate his training. The understanding that the work he was doing in the gym, the work that landed him the job of training the cast of 300, was not sufficient in the saddle was devastating. I know the feeling, but I'm not mad and I'm not going to lash out at those individuals who have goals that allow them to have a better level of broad range fitness. I cannot say I am thrilled that I will be spending less time in the gym, that my strength gains will occur slower, and that I may lose some weight. The benefit of being faster on the bike is worth the trade-off to me. I will still be Deadlifting once a week and Squatting at least every other week, I will maintain my ability to crank out pullups, but I will be focused on riding. For me, being competitive is more important than having a broad fitness base. This may change as I get older but I think I can remain healthy in realation to my Cerebral Palsy with the Deadlifts and pullups. I hope Mark Twight can accept his chosen fate while being happy for those that decide to specialize in not specializing.

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