Sunday, May 18, 2008

In Which I Rejoice About Equipment

I have been lent a Time Trial bike to train and race on in my bid to become a member of the US Paralympic Cycling Team and qualify for the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games. The bicycle is a Roark Titanium Aero frame. My benefactor is Rick Kattouf. Rick is quite the Duathlete with several National Age Group Championships under his belt; he is also a Performance, Nutrition, and Fitness Coach based out of Greenville, SC. I met with Rick last Monday to pick up the bike and meet him for the first time. He is a great guy and very enthusiastic about what I am attempting!
I am noticeably faster after having ridden the bike for a week and acclimated to the new position. The bike does make a difference when it comes to Time Trialing. I am also getting faster from training on my own, it is a different pain than pack riding/racing. It is a dull, steady pain that is fully tolerable as long as the body has been trained to deal with and through the pain. Until two weeks ago I had not trained in this fashion and I feel I am finally starting to make the transition to this type of riding. The bike has been motivating in helping me want to train. I just love this bike, giving it back is going to make me sad!

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