Monday, May 5, 2008

Time Trialing

The Paralympic Trial is going to be a 14km TT so I ran my first simulation yesterday. The course was a mostly flat, 9 mile, one way stretch of road. I averaged 23.4mph. 2.2mph less than I need in Denver, in other words I need to drop about 2 minutes off my time. I'm satisfied with having that as a base as I have never done a Time Trial and that was my first ride in aero bars. There are several things I can do to improve my time.
1) Bike Fit: Tailoring my bike to Time Trialing should net me some speed.
2) Specific Muscle Adaptation: Time Trialing utilizes some muscles that are not used in the standard road bike positions, those were on fire during my TT effort. Adapting those to TTing will allow me to ride faster for longer. Just getting used to a TT position will also help.
3) Equipment: If I can obtain some better gear (best case scenareo would be an aero bike) such as better bars, seat, aero wheels, aero helmet I can gain some speed.
4) Training: Practicing riding solo and pushing through the pain will help me a lot.

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