Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Which I Whine About Equipment

I want a Time Trial frame, I feel like crap in the tuck on my current road bike with clip on aero bars. I'm stretched out too much, my saddle hurts, my glutes burn like I'm a newb, sliding forward makes my legs feel bunched up, I can't turn more than 28mph, and I can't sustain 25 for more than about 2 miles. Seriously, I can hit 31 in the dropps and I can hold 26 for a while. I know it will come with practice and getting fitted at cycle center (big shout out to John Greene and Cycle Center) will help a LOT. I'm done whining.

The modification I will make to my bike include:

Profile Design Fast Forward Seatpost: Shortens the effective top tube length allowing a more aero position and more use of the hamstrings and is more powerful. All that Deadlifting during the offseason should come into play here.

Tri/TT saddle: Allows you to ride on the nose to produce more power.

Different aero bars: The bars I currently have are old, heavy, and do not fit my left arm very well.

Position: John will be fitting me this week or next making sure I am in an optimal position to make power and while creating as little aerodynamic drag as possible.

Wheels: I have been offered the use of lighter more aerodynamic wheels by a few people.

Me: I just need more saddle time in the aero tuck, and I need to learn how to suffer while alone.

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